How do you spell the comic’s name?

Valleydog. One word, only the first letter capitalized.

So, what is this all about?

Valleydog centers around the misadventures of Francis Gris, a young coyote who grew up in a strict family, taught to be as professional as possible with no exposure to fun or leisure beyond the covers of a book. Growing up near Washington DC, he and his family, for business purposes, moved to the small Northern Californian town of Silvercreek, and is enrolled to Picasso, the only charter school in town known worldwide for its professionalism. Unbeknown to the Gris, the town and school itself is rather eccentric and wacky, as Francis inevitably finds out first hand, much to his chagrin.

Where did the idea come from?

The idea started during one February lunch. Mike planned and talked about redoing his earlier comic, Mark. Rikux then expressed interest and offered to help in any way. The two then teamed up and started brainstorming. Immediately, the idea turned away from the reboot idea and into its own story.

Who does what now? Who is this Rikux guy?

Rikux was, until January of 2012, the co-writer of  Valleydog. Simply put, Rikux wrote and did basic storyboarding.  The storyboard was then sent to Mike whom made the final comic based on the storyboard. The comic was run-through by Rikux to double-check for subtle mistakes (such as coloring errors and the like) before being posted onto the site. After Rikux’ departure, the creation process has been simplified to Mike creating rough outlines which are then transferred into the final comic.

Why is Francis’ Dad’s face invisible?

Because, he is one mysterious being.

Whatever happened to Francis’ Mom?

In a nutshell: A freak Nordic Cruise incident.

When does this update?

It updated Fridays however, it is currently on hiatus. Please check out Mike’s other comic “Elevations.”