Situated conveniently in the North California Valley between the Coast and the Mountains, Silvercreek is a town known for its unique charm and ideals. The heart of Silvercreek is its downtown – a mix of small shops, tree-lined streets, houses that have been turned into shops, redundant restaurants, and a small central park.

Silvercreek is known for 3 things – 1) it’s university (population is a 50/50 of families, retirees, and college students 2) it’s convenient location (connected by a major highway and rail line and is within an hour’s drive from both the ocean and the mountains) 3) its quirky city council (emphasis on pedestrians, perpetual affluence, and green lifestyles that often lead to strict and odd rules, inspiring a nickname of ‘United Soviet Silvercreek Union’). In a sense, the town is an island in a bubble – surrounded by farmland on all sides, with nearby towns being near-opposite.